/ IAEP Organizing Center

Organizing For Success

Organizing is fundamentally how IAEP moves power from management to the employees. Organizing is how IAEP gives a voice to the average everyday employee.  A union represented, united, organized, and involved membership in your workplace can change things for the better.

Organizing for IAEP takes two different forms

Internal organizing is IAEP structuring and building IAEP locals that are responsive to the needs of the local membership and provide the strong representation is known for.  IAEP locals are always internally organizing within their workforces, partnering with other locals, and making EMS voices heard.

External organizing is when IAEP responds to employee requests for IAEP to come represent employees at a particular workplace.  External organizing further strengthens employee efforts to secure a better future.  IAEP has external organizing experts, teams of professionals who help workers form an IAEP union local.  The process is governed by various federal, state, and local laws and IAEP works with employees to grow IAEP for the benefit of everyone.
Organizing = Power!