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With a growing membership and a strong emphasis on service, the International Association of EMTs and Paramedics(IAEP) has evolved into the definitive leader for EMS professionals on the job, at the bargaining table and in the halls of government.

"Our members give their all on the front lines in first response, whether they're responding to a single call for medical service or a catastrophic event," said IAEP National President David J. Holway. "They deserve the support and leadership of an organization that respects their work and we aim to deliver those qualities every day."

The IAEP, a division of the National Association of Government Employees, represents some 10,000 emergency medical professionals in more than 50 locals across the country. Members provide emergency medical services and transport to patients requiring emergency and non-emergency treatment.

The IAEP is also taking a leadership role in developing national policy to help EMS workers and the profession as a whole. Earlier this year, a group called the EMS Labor Alliance released a report on the industry entitled Consolidated Federal Leadership for Emergency Medical Services. EMS professionals from around the country worked with the Alliance to create the recommendations, including IAEP Local R1-95 in Worcester, Massachusetts. The report calls on the federal government to streamline national oversight of EMS, improve the way EMS agencies receive federal grant money, and create a national standard for EMS.

In his letter to Vice President Joseph Biden, IAEP National President Holway urged adoption of the report's recommendations. "We are compelled to advocate on their behalf for changes at a federal level that will improve the life-saving services they provide and the EMS profession as a whole," said Holway in his letter. "EMS professionals are often the first to respond to a disaster—natural or otherwise—but are frequently underpaid and underappreciated for the important services they provide."

Strong service and growth, influencing public policy and public opinion—just a few of the tools the IAEP is using to improve the lives of EMS professionals across the country. As the emerging leader in EMS representation, the IAEP will continue to bring those improvements and more to its members.