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Who better to tell you about IAEP than IAEP Members.  We hope that through the stories of our members, that you will "Get to know the IAEP"

Carlos Gomez is an 18 year veteran of EMS. An EMT, Gomez has been President of his Elizabeth, New Jersey IAEP local for the last 5 years.  Gomez has a unique perspective on IAEP, having been employed before his workforce switched to IAEP and then becoming involved with IAEP after the switch.
"I thought bringing IAEP in was a great idea but I wasn't involved much in the beginning" said Gomez.  "As a workforce, we were at the whim of the budget cycle and our workforce just couldn't afford to pay attorneys to represent our interests with the city.  Trying to negotiate a contract on our own costed us thousands of dollars and we weren't able to accomplish much".

Since IAEP began representing his workforce, Gomez says things have changed for the better.  "Its like night and day, the difference between IAEP and no union." Gomez says.  "IAEP brought us strong representation, is always available when we need them, has the attorneys, contract negotiators, and experienced national representatives.  IAEP always supports us and always puts the members first.  Now the city knows that the employees are well represented and come budget time, OUR voice matters too.  We make EMS happen here and IAEP looks out for our interests."