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Apr 22, 2024

The IAEP Celebrates National Public Safety Telecommunications Week

The IAEP proudly celebrated National Public Safety Telecommunications Week from April 14 to 20th. During this week and throughout the entire year, we applaud the hard work and dedication of our 911 telecommunicators.

“911 telecommunicators are the first people to answer the call during our times of need,” said IAEP National Director Philip Petit.  “Our entire emergency system counts on these first responders to answer the call, help direct safe and timely response, and to remain on the line to be a voice of calming as EMS professionals arrive on scene.  The IAEP honors their work and we’re proud to represent telecommunicators all around the USA.” 

Among the celebrations across the country this past week, IAEP Local 747 Manatee County EMS provided some appreciation in the form of food to honor their 911 telecommunicators. 

IAEP Local 294 Hunters Ambulance also participated in festivities for the week, including receiving some snacks and goodies. 

"This week, we honored those who serve the public in a capacity that is often overlooked, those who answer the call when 9-1-1 is dialed,” said IAEP National Representative Pete Zera. “It is a job that requires a level of skill and emotional discipline equal to that found in other first responders. These men and women are the backbone of public safety and should be recognized year-round for their part in getting the appropriate resources to the public in their greatest time of need.”

Happy National Public Safety Telecommunications Week from the IAEP!


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Paramedic/Call Taker/Union Steward Kaylan Jump, Dispatcher Jessica Carlozzi, and Dispatcher Sarah Wilcox. EMT/Communications Kurt Kemmesies. Paramedic/Call Taker/Union Steward Kaylan Jump, EMT/Communications Kurt Kemmesies, Dispatcher Jessica Carlozzi, Dispatcher Sarah Wilcox, and EMT/Dispatcher Matt Lapointe

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