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Jan 31, 2024

Connecticut Ambulance Group Wins Monumental Recognition

Trumbull Emergency Medical Services (TEMS) of Connecticut successfully unionized under the IAEP this January, winning union recognition from management with overwhelming support. 

TEMS employees completed their organizing process both swiftly and effectively, returning 100 percent of their union authorization cards mere days after receiving them in the mail. This resulted in the uncontested recognition by the municipality, and thus a union victory. 

“Obtaining the support of 100% of employees speaks to the inherent solidarity of the group and the name recognition that IAEP has built in Connecticut,” said Peter A.Zera, an IAEP National Representative who assisted in the TEMS organizing process. 

TEMS employees began looking for union representation after recognizing a widespread desire to increase their wages, which are not competitive with neighboring public sector employers. They reached out with strong interest to join the IAEP after being referred by two other municipal Locals in the state. 

One of the Locals who referred the group to the IAEP has been represented by the IAEP for many years, while the other only joined in 2020. 

“I think that speaks to our success in representing our members both from their initial contract and over the long term,” said Zera. 
For the new membership in Trumbull, this win will give them a newfound ability to assert themselves as municipal employees and as prehospital providers through recognition of the IAEP. 

“EMS is growing its recognition in the public safety sphere, and that is due to the collective strength of the union membership,” said Zera.


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