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Mar 25, 2024

AMR Orlando Ratifies Historic Contract

IAEP Local R5-84 AMR Orlando ratified their latest collective bargaining agreement in March, bringing monumental improvements to wages, benefits, time off, and operational standards for the group. 


This contract is the final agreement ratified under Local President Leo Murphy, the oldest EMS professional in Florida, who has helmed the group for over 20 years and worked in EMS for over 50. He will retire from his half-century career at the end of this year. 


“Leo can definitely be proud that he is ending his Union service by leaving the Local in a much stronger position than it was when he became President,” said Scott Schaub, IAEP Chief Negotiator. 


Under the new agreement, R5-84 members will see a 12 percent wage increase over the next 3 years with full retroactive payment back to September of 2023. The contract also secured no additional cost to insurance for the life of the contract and increased the employer match to the 401k plan. 


Members will also enjoy expansion of their weekend shift differential to now include Monday through Friday, new additional holiday hours on Christmas Eve, and numerous language changes that streamline the way that day to day operational issues are handled. These include the processing of grievances, requesting time off, shift bidding and shift trades. 


Another big win for the group comes in a change in uniform policy: polo-style shirts can now be worn throughout the year and are no longer limited to the summer months. This makes for a more comfortable uniform than wearing a collared button-down style shirt in the Florida heat.


We reached an agreement where every article that was changed was a gain for the Union,” said Schaub. “We gave nothing up.”


Both the latest contract and the Local itself serve as an example of the strength and longevity of the IAEP: Local R5-84 has been certified under the IAEP for over 20 years, back when the Local was owned by Rural Metro Ambulance back in 2003. 


When AMR took over, the IAEP was able to preserve all of the group’s existing protections and maintain a number of provisions that were unique to Rural Metro. 


“This win demonstrates our ability to continue to improve our contract language regardless of how old the contract is,” said Schaub. “We continue to make economic gains, but equally important is the continued improvement to the non-economic language which helps improve member working conditions thus improving retention amongst the workforce.”


Schaub also stressed the team effort that went into securing this win for the group, from the members of the Local to President Murphy to IAEP staff who work for these members all over the country. 


“The contributions from the National representative, the National Director, the Office of General Counsel, and the Communications Department all play an integral part in ensuring successful negotiations,” said Schaub.


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