/ Why IAEP Is Right For You

Reasons To Join IAEP

What Can the IAEP Do for YOU?

The International Association of EMTs and Paramedics is a 7,000-member-strong EMS union working for EMS professionals. Our motto at IAEP is simple—we put "Members First." Members want a locally controlled EMS-only union that also has national clout. With the IAEP, locals have complete autonomy but also benefit from unlimited access to knowledgeable IAEP representatives 24/7.


IAEP offers direct access to professional, experienced negotiators on staff, ready to help your local negotiate the best contract possible. Our success is unmatched. We get fair contract language, raises, and unbeatable health-care provisions in every contract we negotiate. Once you and your fellow members ratify your contract, you can expect continued support from your national representative who will help you resolve job-related issues that may arise.


The Committee on Political Education (COPE) is a voluntary political action fund that supports IAEP's local and national political agenda. We finance pro-EMS, pro-union candidates who supportyou and understand the legislation you need as an EMS professional.


IAEP has a powerful voice in Washington, D.C. and in State Houses across the country. Our full-time, dedicated legislative team works around the clock to safeguard and protect your jobs and your bargaining rights so that you can focus on the job of caring for the citizens of our cities and towns.


Unlike most unions, IAEP employs a staff of full-time labor attorneys whose only job is to work with and help our members resolve work-related issues. Our attorneys aren't working on wills, insurance claims, and dog-bite lawsuits—they're working in labor law to assist you. We provide legal services free of charge to our members on work-related issues, including arbitration hearings, disciplinary hearings and civil rights lawsuits.

Why are we sometimes called SEIU/IAEP or IAEP/NAGE?

The IAEP is a division of NAGE, and NAGE is a local of the SEIU. You may hear NAGE referred to as SEIU Local 5000 or SEIU/NAGE.