/ Why IAEP Is Right For You

Benefits of Joining IAEP

Forming a union changes the basic power relationship at work. Without a union, employers have almost all the rights. They can change your pay and working conditions at any time as long as they do not violate certain laws, like the minimum wage.
Any benefits you receive are at the discretion of your employer.

Once you form a union, your employer cannot make changes in your working conditions unless they are negotiated with you as union members. Any benefits or working conditions covered by your contract are protected by law.
When you negotiate your contract, you and your co-workers decide what kinds of things could be improved at your work site and make proposals to your employer. Your employer is legally obligated to negotiate over most proposals that affect the quality of your work life. A union gives you strength in numbers to improve your pay, benefits, and working conditions.

How does IAEP work?

Like all unions, IAEP is made up of and run by its members. You elect your own committee for contract negotiations and vote to approve your contract. After you negotiate your contract, you elect your own stewards to help make sure your employer honors your contract.

The officers of our Local are also elected by the membership. Members discuss the issues that are important to our union at regular membership meetings.

"The union" is not made up of outsiders. You and your co-workers are the union. Union staff assist members in negotiating contracts, filing grievances, training stewards, and helping make workplaces better.