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May 21, 2020

NAGE Executive VP and Treasurer Jim Farley Visits Local R1-369

NAGE Exectutive Vice President and Treasurer Jim Farley visited Alert Ambulance IAEP Local R1-369 today. With National Director Phil Petit and Lead Counsel Doug Hall, EVP Farley deliverd some much needed comfort food to the hard working heroes. The 100 boxed meals from well known Massachussetts' own Delaney House Grill were a sight for sore eyes in President David Kida's station. Working non-stop like the other IAEP locals, R1-369 has handled their fair share of tribulations in the face of COVID-19. "Maintaining morale is key" said EVP Farley, "Keeping our people fed and their spirits high is just as important the legal and negotiating services we normally provide." 

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