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Jan 11, 2018

Minnesota IAEP Members Save People in Burning Building

IAEP Local R7-167 members are being credited with alerting several local residents that their building was on fire so that they could escape safely.

Veteran paramedic Kathy Reitan and her partner, Bruce Anderson, had just left the Anoka, Minnesota base for Allina Health on December 28, 2017, when they hit heavy traffic on their usual route. Instead of taking their customary left turn onto 7th Avenue, they went right. They immediately spotted heavy smoke coming out of a residence.

Reitan said she started knocking on doors to alert residents in the three-unit building, all of whom made it out of the building without injury. “We always go to the left, this time, we went to the right and maybe it was meant to be,” she told local media.

You can see the entire story here. Hats off to Reitan and Anderson for their quick thinking and brave response!


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