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Sep 27, 2019

Local 87 Stands in Solidarity with FDNY EMS

Local 87 President Carlos Gomez and member Albert Cosaj attended the recent rally for FDNY EMS wage equity at City Hall in Manhattan, NYC on Wednesday, September 25th.
President Gomez, who is also running for City Counsel in Mountainside, NJ and Cosaj stood with their EMS family in Manhattan regarding pay inequity between New York City firefighters versus EMTS and paramedics in the area. 
National Director Philip Petit states that “our members know the importance of strength in numbers. We are proud to say that the IAEP stands shoulder to shoulder with EMS professionals across the nation in the fight for fair wages. EMTs and paramedics spend each day caring for patients in their communities, saving lives, often under intensely strenuous working conditions.  As first responders, they deserve wage parity with the firefighters who bravely stand beside them.”
To read our full story “Low Pay for EMS Workers in National Spotlight” click HERE.


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