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Jul 20, 2017

Florida EMS Hold Golf Cart Rally

IAEP Members of Local 92 in Sumter County, Florida held a “rolling rally” this week to spread word of the issues EMS professionals are currently facing. 

Read more about their fight for fair wages in the press release below, and find out more about the event at Click "Like" to stay up-to-date on Florida EMS!

Golf Cart Rally at The Villages
to Support EMTS & Paramedics
(The Villages, Florida)—Local EMTs and paramedics working for American Medical Response, Inc. will stage a rolling golf cart rally in The Villages on July 19 to ask for residents’ support as they face staffing shortages and contentious contract negotiations.
Following the strong community response at a June 30 informational picket at the county building in Wildwood, the members of IAEP Local R5-92 and their local supporters came up with the idea of a rolling rally in The Villages to spread the word about the challenges facing local first responders. Pay disparities between AMR in Sumter County and other surrounding communities have led to a shortage of EMS personnel in the county as workers take jobs with better pay elsewhere. Long-term staffing shortages in EMS can lead to chronic use of double shifts for existing workers, increasing the risk of and delays in response time, exhaustion, and even accidents.
“People from all over the county have been very supportive as they find out what our members are facing and what it means for residents and their loved ones,” said Philip Petit, IAEP national director. “We hope the residents in The Villages will join our members in standing up for strong emergency medical services in Sumter County.”
The route for the rolling rally:
12:00 noon:        Start at 100 Lake Sumter Landing, The Villages
                                Rally participants will begin near the park and the dog park
Stops at:              Station 51, 1231 Bonita Blvd., via the Buena Vista Route
                                Sandhill Golf Course
                                Roosevelt Golf Course
                                Brownwood Paddock Square, 2705 Brownwood Blvd.
                                Morse Blvd. back to Lake Sumter landing
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