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Nov 25, 2020

Delaware, OH Local R7-11 Gets an Early Turkey Day Victory!

(Delaware, OH) Earlier today via mixed Zoom and in-person negotiations, Delaware Local President Amy Chandler and executive officers finalized the ratification of their successor contract. IAEP/NAGE negotiator Richard Anderson and national representative Ken Skaggs who assisted in securing the contract reported great cooperation from both sides of the table.

Citing a significant 12% wage increase across the board and landmark bumps in compensation for Field Training Officer stipends as well as other specialty training certifications, the bargaining committee happily closed with no mediation necessary. Delaware County EMS who employs the members of Local 11 are said to have been extremely professional and amicable throughout the process.

From the entire IAEP/NAGE EMS family, congratulations to Local R7-11 and Happy Holidays!


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