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Oct 18, 2019

2019 IAEP Member of the Year

In 2018, The IAEP established the “Member of the Year” award recognizing emergency medical responders who strive for EMS excellence through dedication, commitment, and responsibility to fellow first responders and patients.  These first responders exemplify the dedication of IAEP members everywhere.  
The IAEP is proud to award the 2019 IAEP Member of the Year award to members of Local R7-664, EMS professionals with Lapeer County EMS of Michigan in recognition of their ongoing dedication to their community and in special recognition of their compassionate and professional response to a February 26 emergency call involving a fire at a family home.  
“The men and women of Local 664 stand as a true example of the dedication, sacrifice and duty of EMS professionals across the nation,” said IAEP National President David J. Holway.  “The events of February 26 remain with many of these first responders, highlighting the importance of peer support, PTSD resources and the ability of our locals to come together as family to heal their own and the community in which they serve.”  
Every day, EMS providers deliver lifesaving care when it matters most.  On February 26, members of Local 664 were called to respond to a house fire where a family of seven lived.  While responding to the call, three children passed away at the scene due to the fire and a fourth unfortunately passed away later at the following treatment hospital.  The men and women of Lapeer County EMS responded with passion and empathy to the family’s needs, and ultimately to their own as those who were on scene processed the weight of the call.  
“The men and women who responded to this call showed this family love and compassion as if they were their own,” said IAEP National Director Philip Petit.  “They went home to kiss their loved ones and their children and began the process of healing as a department.  There simply are not enough words to describe the selflessness of these professionals and EMS professionals as a whole.” 
The IAEP is honored to present the 2019 IAEP Member of the Year Award to Lapeer County EMS, Local R7-664.   The men and woman of Local 664 proudly join Local R5-92 President and longtime member Stewart Eubanks, winner of the inaugural Member of the Year Award in 2018.  


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Michael Cleaveland, Neil Collins, Nate Smith, Local Vice President Kelli Cavner, Local Secretary Ruthie Stone, Local President Sondra Barocio, Nicole Brodt, Local Treasurer Jacob Standel, Sarah Voss, Joe Voss, PJ Morang, Wendy Hill, and Rick Radzwion.

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